TAFL Update

Date: February 1, 2020

Subject: T.A.F.L. League "2.0"

Dear all,

The Thumb Area Football and Cheerleading League (T.A.F.L.) is happy to announce that we are continuing in the Port Huron/Fort Gratiot area as previously communicated. This is due in part to the loyalty of the community families. Your reaching out to key T.A.F.L. members during your community's concern/crisis for no league, has confirmed your desire to play in a league "you helped build". T.A.F.L. has always been here for all its communities.

It is with great pride that the Fort Gratiot Lumberjacks will join us to support the Port Huron School District in T.A.F.L. A known T.A.F.L. and area member, Chris Damon will lead the efforts to give you football in the league. Based on the interest of your community we will have two teams in each age bracket (Freshman, JV and Varsity). Due to overwhelming request the league will be looking at offering flag to younger players. In the spirit of complete transparency, you will be contacted in the coming weeks concerning key events such as an informational meeting and registration.

The 2020 season will usher in a few changes in the way that T.A.F.L. does business, as well as, the way our good standing communities do business. Most notably, T.A.F.L. will return to its original focus which is player development, football education and exemplary sportsmanship. Each community will have the needed autonomy to manage their own community as in other leagues. We will continue to foster community input and relationships within the Anchor Bay School systems and the other T.A.F.L. locations. This will help eliminate the win at all costs mentality. Other changes will include the adoption of MHSAA's proposed youth football guidelines. Ultimately this will help ensure our children have the right experience on and off the field.

You can email the Fort Gratiot Youth Football League at: fortgratiotyouthfootball@gmail.com

We look forward to a great 2020 season!

The Thumb Area Football and Cheerleading League, a league you built, thanks you for loyalty, time and commitment to the league.

Best Regards,



2019 online registration is now closed


2019 online registration is now closed

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